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Why Sell Your Vancouver Condo with Me?

Thinking of selling your home? I can help


Sell Your Vancouver Condo With Me

As your Real Estate Consultant, I will be at your side from listing to closing, ensuring that your property sells smoothly and you get the most amount of money possible from the sale.  My local real estate market expertise allows me to determine an optimum pricing strategy so your property will sell.  I dig deep to learn the unique selling points of your property and neighborhood, so my marketing plans and strategies effectively target and attract potential buyers.  It’s a formula for success for you. 

You should hire me for the same reason that many sellers have used me over and over again for more than 13 years. My No Hassle Listing Marketing system offers benefits that the ordinary agent does not. My program offers negotiable commissions to put more money in your pocket, a cancel anytime policy, and the right to sell your home yourself and pay me nothing. Additionally, my average time to sell a home is over twice as fast as an ordinary agent.

Every year I help dozens of people buy and sell. The average agent handles around four sales a year. When hiring anyone to perform a job for you, experience should weigh heavily in that decision. Who really wants to be the surgeon’s first patient?

Let’s examine one of my program benefits

I allow you to cancel the listing at anytime. Most agents will not give the consumer this right. You might ask yourself why agents need to “lock you up” for eight to ten months. Why would they be afraid to give you the right to cancel? My philosophy is that I would rather strive to earn your business every day. I am confident that I can provide a superior level of service above and beyond the ‘Extra Mile’. If I don’t, I don’t deserve your business. It is that simple.

Andrew Szalontai, Vancouver Realtor

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