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Sometimes it’s hard to know when the best time sell your house in Vancouver is, or if there even is a “best” time …but I’m here to tell you – there is!

What Makes It the “Best” Time to Sell Your Home?

As the saying goes, timing is everything, and that rings true for when you are selling your home as well. In fact, selling at the right time could mean making tens of thousands of extra dollars on your sale.

So when is the best time to sell? Spring! That’s right. Spring is statistically the best time to sell you home with May being the “official” month of best sales, but spring in general is when the buying boom begins.

What About the Influx of Other Spring Sellers?

It’s true, there will be other sellers who are also mad aware of when the best time to sell in Vancouver is, and the MLS inventory will come alive with these new listings. However, this kind of competition can and will work in your favour if your house is listed right, marketed well, and shown to the right buying demographic.

What Makes Spring the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Research has shown homes sell faster and for exceedingly more in the spring due to the weather. When nature begins to come alive again, so too do humans. We get eager to nest and find a home that suits our needs and wants, and take advantage of a time that feels “right to buy”.

Spring often trumps summer too, as it pertains to sales, which seems due to the fact that a lot of people go away on holidays during this time. So the ramp up for home sales in Vancouver starts in spring, and tapers off once the clock strikes summer.

Tax season also closes within spring, so those who have received a sizeable return also look at making big purchases, such as an investment home or buying their first Vancouver condo.

A 5-year study conducted in Toronto, concluded that people were receiving, on average, $60,000 more during the spring than those who were selling their homes in the same area in January. And with Vancouver exceeding the GTA housing market, I have seen it definitely ring true locally as well.

So if you have been considering selling your home or condo in Vancouver – spring into action! Now is the time to receive top dollar on your home, and I am here to help you market it in a way that ensures you do so.

When you’re ready to sell, I’m here to help!