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Looking to sell your Condo in Vancouver but hoping to increase the value of your condo before it hits the market? Allow me to offer you a few ways you can impress and increase the value without spending a fortune!

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Increase Value in Your Kitchen

Get Your Kitchen Cooking: Your kitchen is often the make it or break it gateway to the value and sale of your home, and by making minor hardware updates and investing in some appliance upgrades, it can quickly add new appeal and increased value to your kitchen.

Stainless steel appliances are a huge selling feature, so upgrading your outdated appliances to the stainless version can make a big difference – both to the perceived and actual value of your home.

In addition, changing out old lighting fixtures and cabinet knobs for more modern ones will shed light on a previously dingy kitchen.

These simple and fairly cost effective measures will make a big difference, and have your home going from “For Sale” to “Sold!” at a price and in a timeframe you will appreciate.

Maximize Your Space When Selling

Sell Them on Storage: We can all admit, space is limited within Vancouver condos, so offering inventive ways to increasing your home’s storage space, will also create a greater selling appeal and value to buyers.

Whether it is as simple as adding in organizers in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers, or having a wall unit installed in your living room with shelving and storage …these kinds of things can make a big difference, increase the price of your condo, and have it selling more quickly. Using the space you have in an effective and clutter free way will demonstrate to potential buyers that your Vancouver condo or apartment will offer enough living space for the future buyer. Even a small space can appear large and spacious if it it utilized in the best way!

Sell Your Vancouver Condo from the First Impression

Cute Up the Curb Appeal: It’s spring, which means flower season is in bloom and you should use this to your advantage. From patio plants, to kitchen tabletop flowers, and even a herb living wall can give your condo the curb appeal that is affordable to create, yet can add enough of that “little something” to boost the selling price, and have buyers taking a second look.

Maximize Your Profit with Great Bathrooms

Beautify Your Bathroom: Like kitchens, bathrooms sell or stall the sale of your home also. So update the hardware and lighting in this space too, ensure the paint is fresh and the accent colours are neutral, and take your home from a maybe to a must have.

These improvements can make a big difference to your selling price, and have buyers quickly interest in making an offer! Did you use any of these tips to increase the value of your condo? If you are thinking of selling your home, make sure to read all our TIPS FOR HOME SELLERS and message me for a free analysis of your home’s value.

Andrew Szalontai, Vancouver Realtor

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