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Multi-million dollar single-family residences and horse farms filling this prestigious area


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The Vancouver neighbourhood known as Southlands combines both commercial buildings and residential homes line the area, with mainly upscale, multi-million dollar single-family residences and horse farms filling this prestigious area. Making this residential farmland something that is unique to Metro Vancouver.

The Livability of Southlands

With ample gardens gracing the tree-lined streets, they create a gorgeous entranceway to the area during the right time of year, arching over the roads like an entranceway to a majestic land; this area extends between 41st Avenue to the Fraser River, with Salish Drive to the west, and from Blenheim Street and SW marine Drive to the east.

The History of Southlands

Home to the Musqueam Indian Band, this region of Vancouver has been populated since as early as 400 BC. The first settlement on record is from 1863, when Fitzgerald and Sam McCleery constructed the first farm in the area – starting a trend that still exists.

The Canadian Pacific Railway, in conjunction with the province, logged the land to make way for a residential community in 1912. As of 1927, three streetcar lines were running through the area, allowing for more homes – some of which are still standing today.

The Future of Southlands

With 22-hectares of Musqueam parkland just off of S.W. Marine Drive, Southlands is as picturesque as it is affluent, lending itself to some of the most upper crust families in all of Vancouver.

The Southlands Riding Club is also a prominent fixture in the Southlands community, created in 1943; it is a prize gem for the locals who call this area home. Along with the prestigious and exclusive private golf courses in the area, making Southlands a desirous location, offering some of the finest homes listed on the real estate market in Vancouver – of which I would love to introduce you to!


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