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Shaughnessy is nothing short of breathtaking, and as an affluent Vancouver neighbourhood


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Shaughnessy is nothing short of breathtaking, and as an affluent Vancouver neighbourhood, anyone looking to invest in real estate in this area is sure to find the best of the best in any corner of the community.

Located at the center point of Vancouver, Shaughnessy is actually one of the larger residential regions of Vancouver, turning simple living into an affluent lifestyle, stretching from Oak Street to the east, Arbutus Street and Maple Crescent to the west, West 41st to the south and West 16th to the north.

Not only is the general area of Shaughnessy large in size, but also the homes themselves and the properties they sit on are handsomely appointed and esthetically breathtaking inside and out.

The Livability of Shaughnessy

This family-friendly neighbourhood definitely delivers on beautiful residential options, with prestigious school – such as York House School, Shaughnessy Heights Music School, as well as dining options in elegant locations such as Shaughnessy Restaurant and Vandusen Botanical Garden; just one of many delightful, upscale eateries in the area.

Not to mention, Shaughnessy is an easy commute into Downtown Vancouver, or any neighbouring community surrounding it, making it a simple choice for many when considering where to invest in real estate in Vancouver.

The History of Shaughnessy

As for history – Shaughnessy seems to have always been fueled by lifestyle and diversity, and was named after Thomas Shaughnessy, a 1900s era President of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Which is actually a little known fact, that the Canadian Pacific Railway was one of the largest real estate developers in Canada, bringing about many of our local Vancouver neighbourhoods we see today, as well as many others across the nation.

From yesteryear until now, Shaughnessy seems to have been destined for greatness, and shows no sign of falling from this point of grace.

The Future of Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy continues to improve upon its own community year after year, turning good into great and making an already beautiful area even more appealing. Known today as one of the most prestigious areas in which to own property in all of Vancouver, Shaughnessy is well-worth considering for your next real estate investment, and I look forward to showing you around!


In your quest to find your perfect home in Westside Vancouver, you will come across many available opportunities to nestle into a house you will love. The neighbourhoods of the Westside all have pride of living there. Areas show well in each community with landscaped yards, clean commercial buildings and maintained public areas. Take a walk along one of the many paved trails in the Westside to enjoy the ever-changing scenery. Walk along the sand-lined beaches, ride one of the many bike paths, or simply enjoy a niche coffee shop. Each neighbourhood has something for everyone, I assure you that you will be happy in your area you call home. Let me provide you information and show you around to be better acquainted with the neighbourhoods. I am here to help, just let me know with an email, text or phone call.

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