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Evidently as far back as 3500 BC, village sites were discovered in and around this area


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S.W. Marine is a community focused around the prestigious South West Marine Drive, which runs along West 49th Avenue to the north, all the way to the bottom of SW Marine Drive to the south, and SW Marine Drive west all the way to East Blvd to the east, offering a variety of real estate investment opportunities that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Real estate in S.W. Marine is comprised of multi-million dollar mansions that sit next to some of the highest rated golf course in all of the Lower Mainland. In addition to these spacious, highly sought after homes, there are also many newly developed condos, giving discerning buyers the option of various high-end spaces to invest in as they choose.

The Livability of S.W. Marine

Marine Gateway is one of the most recent developments in S.W. Marine as far as commercial properties in the area, and delivers on amenities such as grocers, drugstores, fitness facilities, banking options, restaurants, cafes, movies and more!

Located directly on S.W. Marine Drive, this shopping high-rise has added another level of convenience to a location that is already bursting with unparallel appeal.

The History of S.W. Marine

S.W. Marine is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Metro Vancouver, dating as far back as the 1860s when it was an industrial zone. Before this time, evidently as far back as 3500 BC, village sites were discovered in and around this area – likely thanks to the Fraser River and the easy access it would have brought tribes in the region at the time.

Just across the way in Marpole, workers constructing Granville Street at the time, discovered the ‘Marpole Midden’, which included many tools, weapons and artifacts, making this a historical spot that is one of the largest village sites found in all of North America.

The Future of S.W. Marine

Clearly both then and now, the collective community of S.W. Marine Is a popular place to call home, and with opulent houses offering high-end appliances, outdoor kitchens, the latest in technology – and much more, S.W. Marine delivers the best in luxury living in –arguably- all of Vancouver.

If you are looking for a stylish estate that surpasses all aspects of quality living at its finest, S.W. Marine is the ideal location in which to invest in real estate, and I am here to help you find the perfect home that will exceed your expectations!


In your quest to find your perfect home in Westside Vancouver, you will come across many available opportunities to nestle into a house you will love. The neighbourhoods of the Westside all have pride of living there. Areas show well in each community with landscaped yards, clean commercial buildings and maintained public areas. Take a walk along one of the many paved trails in the Westside to enjoy the ever-changing scenery. Walk along the sand-lined beaches, ride one of the many bike paths, or simply enjoy a niche coffee shop. Each neighbourhood has something for everyone, I assure you that you will be happy in your area you call home. Let me provide you information and show you around to be better acquainted with the neighbourhoods. I am here to help, just let me know with an email, text or phone call.

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