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Point Grey Houses

Point Grey is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Canada

Point Grey Houses For Sale in Vancouver, BC

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Use this table to find Point Grey Houses for sale by price, by size, feature and more. When you decide to buy or sell real estate in Westside Vancouver or any other community, Call Andrew at 778.862.5542

About Point Grey Houses

The legend of the origins of Point Grey is an interesting one, but as it stands today, Point Grey is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in both Vancouver, as well as across Canada.

Sitting within the confines of West 16th Avenue on the north to the Burrard Inlet, and Alma Street at the east from the University Endowment Lands , Point Grey is not a huge region of Vancouver, but it is massive when it comes to stylish homes and opulent living.

Known as one of the most luxurious locations to buy property in all of Canada, the price point of residential homes here is more than any other across the nation, but for good reason. This timeless retreat is gorgeous.

The Livability of Point Grey

Point Grey Village is just one of many local gems one can find within this prestigious neighbourhood, and boasts of ‘shopping therapy, a delicious meal or a perfectly made espresso’; offering nail spas, banks, dentists, and ethnic food from all corners of the globe. With no real need to leave the area, Point Grey Village makes living local a true statement, with everything in close proximity to your well-appointed home.

The History of Point Grey

Point Grey is said to have once been ‘the Battleground of the West Wind’. The First Nations has a god of the West Wind, who they call Homolsom – named from two tribes out of Squamish and the Fraser River. Whether or not a battle was waged here, in the spirit world or beyond, is an interesting notion that makes Point Grey increasingly magical.

As for the name itself, ‘Point Grey’ was appointed after Captain George Grey, a good friend of George Vancouver, earning him the title rights to this amazing Vancouver community.

The Future of Point Grey

Price tends to be no object when it comes to buying real estate in Point Grey. This area speaks for itself in value beyond numbers, and extends past esthetic appeal into the actual fabric of the neighbours, the neighbourhood, and the reputation that reached over our BC walls, into all of Canada as THE place to live in our great “home and native land”.

If Point Grey seems like an attractive investment to you, you’re correct – and I would love to help you find exactly what you’re looking in a neighbourhood that has everything!

More Point Grey Houses For Sale

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Westside Vancouver Neighbourhoods

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