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MacKenzie Heights Houses

This tree-lined gem was handed down from the Canadian Pacific Railway to Jack Wood

MacKenzie Heights Houses For Sale in Vancouver, BC

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Use this table to find MacKenzie Heights Houses for sale by price, by size, feature and more. When you decide to buy or sell real estate in Westside Vancouver or any other community, Call Andrew at 778.862.5542

About MacKenzie Heights Houses

MacKenzie Heights offers city dwellers a little piece of paradise to the west of Downtown Vancouver. This tree-lined gem was handed down from the Canadian Pacific Railway to Jack Wood – the son-in-law of the head of the railway.

Fashioned after California’s mission-style homes, MacKenzie Heights started to take shape, and the tiny castle style homes paved the way for this now modern hub of Vancouver.

It borders West 37th Avenue to the south, Puget Drive to the east, West King Edward Street to the north and Blenheim Street to the west.

The Livability of MacKenzie Heights

MacKenzie Heights is a desirable location for developers, locals and foreigners alike, with a stately demure to the homes here, offering single-family homes on generous plots of land, the era in which this area was built from still maintains itself to a large degree.

Meanwhile, conveniences are not far off from MacKenzie Heights, with Kerrisdale Village just around the bend, and Dunbar Street shops minutes away also, and although the area does not have its own commercial area – there is easy access to everything one might nee close by.

The History of MacKenzie Heights

As mentioned, the Canadian Pacific Railway handed MacKenzie Heights over to Jack Wood, who then turned one of his homes in the area, over to a local teach for an entire year for free in order to help the local school thrive. An amazing legacy to an area that now neighbours some of the top schools in both the Dunbar community, as well as the Kerrisdale neighbourhood.

The Future of MacKenzie Heights

MacKenzie Heights is a fantastic area for families looking for a beautiful single-family home to call their own. With Balaclava Park offering a gorgeous backdrop within this area, offering an off-leash dog park, a wading pool for the kids, a running tack and a variety of sports fields, it houses everything one would want in a neighbourhood where they are looking to call home.

If you are looking for an affluent residential area in Vancouver, MacKenzie Heights might be the area for you, and I would love to show you around the neighbourhood and help you uncover if this is, in fact, your chosen location to invest in real estate in Vancouver!

More MacKenzie Heights Houses For Sale

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