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Kerrisdale Houses

Kerrisdale is arguably one of the most beautiful Vancouver neighbourhoods

Kerrisdale Houses For Sale in Vancouver, BC

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Use this table to find Kerrisdale Houses for sale by price, by size, feature and more. When you decide to buy or sell real estate in Westside Vancouver or any other community, Call Andrew at 778.862.5542

About Kerrisdale Houses

Kerrisdale is arguably one of the most beautiful Vancouver neighbourhoods that is located to the west of downtown. With ample parks and the Pacific Ocean in close proximity to the area, as well as convenient amenities around every corner, Kerrisdale is a residential community known for gorgeous homes and equally gorgeous surroundings.

Just around the corner from downtown Vancouver, Kerrisdale runs along Blenheim Street to the west, Cypress Street to the east, and from West 37th Street to West 49th Street, which includes East Blvd to Cypress. Being such a quaint community adds to its appeal, while being close to outlying areas for convenient shopping and dining of all kinds makes it irresistible.

The Livability of Kerrisdale

Kerrisdale is diverse in the style of homes offered here. From older more historic spaces, to fully remodeled opulent dwellings, Kerrisdale tends to have something for everyone when it comes to buying real estate.

Granted, “older homes” in Kerrisdale are nothing short of spectacular; maintaining a certain charm often only found in homes that were constructed in a certain era.

In addition to charm, Kerrisdale offers the ever-popular Kerrisdale Village. A shopping area filled with shops and services to fit every taste. From classy children’s stores like Blake & Riley, to the convenience of London Drugs, to West Point Cycles – there is no need to venture far to find what you’re looking for in Kerrisdale.

The History of Kerrisdale

Kerrisdale began taking shape in 1862, but didn’t actually receive its name until 1905 when the BC Electric Railway manager, by the name of R.H. Sterling, asked Mrs. McKinnon to name the district – to which she requested the name ‘Kerry Dale’ after her family home in Scotland, which soon became Kerrisdale – as it is known today.

The Future of Kerrisdale

Kerrisdale is as rich in future projections as it is in prestige, with the northern part of Kerrisdale offering low-rise condos, allowing for a diverse group of buyers to invest in real estate in this affluent neighbourhood – such as first time buyers and single professionals.

That being said, Kerrisdale is also an ideal Vancouver location for families to call home, providing prestigious schools nearby, and plenty of recreational activities for every type of buyer too.

Curious about Kerrisdale? I would be more than happy to help you map your way through the area, showing you homes for sale that will suit your taste and deliver a timeless piece of history in a home you’ll love!

More Kerrisdale Houses For Sale

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