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False Creek Houses

False Creek largely came into being in 2010 as the ‘Olympic Village’

False Creek Houses For Sale in Vancouver, BC

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About False Creek Houses

False Creek largely came into being in 2010 as the Olympic Village – home to athletes, coaches, out-of-towners and locals alike. Although this costly project came with a lot of upset at the time, it has ended up to be a thriving community on the edge of Downtown Vancouver with West 6th Avenue to the south, False Creek waterway to the north and Ontario Street to Burrard Street, it is an excellent real estate investment for those looking to buy in False Creek.

The Livability of False Creek

False Creek is an exciting neighbourhood to live in; whether craft beer is your thing or you are looking for waterfront property – False Creek offers plenty of both. From Beer Craft to The Flying Pig, or Tap & Barrel, this Vancouver community is literally chalk-a-block full of breweries, eateries, coffee shops, grocers and shopping opportunities.

Located to the east of Science World, False Creek is a bit of an offshoot to Vancouver’s Expo ’86 of yesteryear, and delivers an easy commute in and out of the city. With Granville Street, Cambie Street and Burrard Street in close proximity, as well as the Canada Line tunnel literally running beneath this neighbourhood.

The History of False Creek

False Creek dates back to 1913, when part of the Kitsilano Reserve peoples were forced to move there after their settlement was burned down. A few short years later, Granville Island was created in 1916 for industrial purposes, and False Creek started taking further shape in 1916 with the Canadian Northern Railway.

This area remained industrial through the 50’s with sawmills and ports, but once the BC Forest Productions plant burned down in the 60’s the area was fairly underutilized – until recent years.

The Future of False Creek

False Creek is now ablaze in a positive manner, with thriving businesses, beautiful condos and conveniences in all directions. And with acreage still in development, and continual residential and commercial developments and improvements being made in the area, this edge-of-Vancouver downtown neighbourhood is one I’m positive you would love to see …and one I would be thrilled to show you!

Westside Vancouver Neighbourhoods

In your quest to find your perfect home in Westside Vancouver, you will come across many available opportunities to nestle into a house you will love. The neighbourhoods of the Westside all have pride of living there. Areas show well in each community with landscaped yards, clean commercial buildings and maintained public areas. Take a walk along one of the many paved trails in the Westside to enjoy the ever-changing scenery. Walk along the sand-lined beaches, ride one of the many bike paths, or simply enjoy a niche coffee shop. Each neighbourhood has something for everyone, I assure you that you will be happy in your area you call home. Let me provide you information and show you around to be better acquainted with the neighbourhoods. I am here to help, just let me know with an email, text or phone call.

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