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Downtown Vancouver Houses

Downtown Vancouver is not known for a lot of single-family dwellings these days, however, they do exist

Downtown Vancouver Houses For Sale in Vancouver, BC

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About Downtown Vancouver Houses

Downtown Vancouver is not known for a lot of single-family dwellings these days. However, they do exist and are possible to find; offering a variety of townhouses beneath condo developments, and even work/live spaces for those looking to operate a business out of their home.

Some of the most popular downtown neighbourhoods include: Yaletown, Coal Harbour and the West End – and for good reason! These Downtown Vancouver hubs are filled with dining destinations, shopping opportunities and plenty of real estate investments. Although, as mentioned, it will be more difficult to find a single-family dwelling over a condo space, it is possible. I am here to help you do so if your sights are truly set on the downtown core.


Yaletown is one of the most sought after addresses in Downtown Vancouver – and for good reason. This local favourite offers brand name shopping boutiques, high-end salons for beards to blondes and everything in-between, as well as top-notch dining destinations with notable chefs firing up locally inspired ingredients.

Lounge-like nightlife can be found within such destinations as West Oak with the ever popular Pierre’s Champagne Lounge in the back, and day-to-night breweries, such as Yaletown Brew Pub, make Yaletown a city centre favourite for locals and visitors alike.


Coal Harbour is an idyllic Downtown Vancouver location that offers picturesque oceanfront views from a variety of condo’s in the area, providing restaurants literally ON the water too. Take your pick – from Lift to Cardero’s, Coal Harbour is home to some of the best seafood dining destinations in the Lower Mainland. Add to that, fitness centers, high-end hotels, and the most prestigious shopping along Alberni Street. The bustling community of Coal Harbour is a real estate investment must for many!


Downtown Vancouver has many neighbourhoods within its beautiful water-wrapped walls, including the West End – which is known as one of the oldest and most diverse location in all of Western Canada to invest in real estate.

Located at both the entranceway and exit to Stanley Park, and known for its proud and thriving gay and lesbian community, the West End is filled with locally owned stores, locally sourced restaurants, indulgent spas, and of course – desirable real estate for sale.

If you are looking for a home for sale in the thriving community of Yaletown, Coal Harbour or the West End – the three most popular real estate locations in Downtown Vancouver, I would be pleased to introduce you to the area, and help you uncover which location is right for you!

Westside Vancouver Neighbourhoods

In your quest to find your perfect home in Westside Vancouver, you will come across many available opportunities to nestle into a house you will love. The neighbourhoods of the Westside all have pride of living there. Areas show well in each community with landscaped yards, clean commercial buildings and maintained public areas. Take a walk along one of the many paved trails in the Westside to enjoy the ever-changing scenery. Walk along the sand-lined beaches, ride one of the many bike paths, or simply enjoy a niche coffee shop. Each neighbourhood has something for everyone, I assure you that you will be happy in your area you call home. Let me provide you information and show you around to be better acquainted with the neighbourhoods. I am here to help, just let me know with an email, text or phone call.

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