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The East Vancouver neighbourhood of Main, also known as Main Street, is a true gem


The east Vancouver neighbourhood of Main, also known as Main Street, is a true gem of Vancouver and a local favourite as well. Whether looking for real estate for sale in Main, or taking a stroll through its many shops and dining destinations, Main offers a wealth of all those things.

Reaching north to south from East 16th Avenue to East 49th Avenue, and from Ontario Street to Prince Edward Street, Main Street is a sizeable area filled with real estate options for all budgets and residential styles.

The Livability of Main

Main is both a residential community as well as a large commercial district, which brings in locals and out-of-towner’s alike, and also attracts investors and homebuyers looking to call the area of Main home.

Offering vintage clothing shops, dining destinations such as Nomad Restaurant, East is East and the popular vegan choice MeeT on Main, along with other local gems along the Main Street corridor, this community is abuzz with ideal city living options corner to corner.

The History of Main

Main Street became “Main Street” back in 1910, when both the residential and commercial community both agreed this was the name it was to have, considering the “main street” nature of it at the time. Over the years it has grown in population within the residential community, as well as offering new shops and dining options that Vancouverites love to visit!

The Future of Main

Main Street was once considered the “downtown” of Vancouver, and this bustling neighbourhood has maintained a similar energy to this day, without being in the actual core of things, but still offering easy access to the city itself.

Main is the perfect combination of modern and classic, and provides real estate options that fill both those homebuyer markets nicely.

So if you are in the market for a home and unsure which area of Vancouver you wish to buy in, allow me to show you around the community of Main, and help you decide on what type of dwelling might best suit your needs!


East Van is home to all walks of life, and offers everything from luxurious to affordable and modern to collectables. East Vancouver houses vary in builds from spacious to quaint and single families to multi families. East Van is bordered to the north by the Burrard Inlet, with the Fraser River to the south, and the city of Burnaby to the east. In addition, the community of East Van is divided by Ontario Street on the West Side of Vancouver. Which spans quite a large area and giving people a variety of real estate buying options on every corner. I am here to help you make that happen.

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