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Hastings East, also known as the East Village, is a fresh face on Vancouver real estate


Hastings East, also known as the East Village, is a fresh face on the Vancouver real estate front. Offering a large neighbourhood extending from Nanaimo Street to the west, Boundary Road to the east, Hastings Street to the east and the Burrard Inlet to the north. This Vancouver suburb is literally chalk-a-block full of shops, housing options and easy access in and out of the city, making it an ideal real estate investment choice for many!

The Livability of Hastings East

Hastings East/The East Village, is a thriving community with single professionals and families alike flocking to the real estate options here. Whether jumping onto Highway 1 or heading down into the city of Vancouver itself, The East Village is one of the most accessible locations in Vancouver in which to live.

In addition, there is really no need to venture far from home unless you work outside the area, as the restaurants, bars and coffee shops are plentiful in this area, making it easy to stay put within the community you invest your real estate dollars into.

The History of Hastings East

The East Village once started off as just Hastings; comprised of the Hastings Racecourse adjacent to Hastings Park (once known as East Park), which was established within a 15-acre of the land in 1892. 30 years previous to that, this was a weekend retreat location for travelers, with sweeping views and close proximity to the oceanfront, it was a popular choice for many. Then, in 1926, the PNE, known at the time as HappyLand, was opened, bringing about a fun start to this beautiful location that is alive and well to this day!

The Future of Hastings East

With condo developments, detached houses and townhouse opportunities in The East Village, Hastings East is a popular choice for those looking to invest in real estate here, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to retire, or have a growing family that requires more “outskirt” living options, The East Village is a great place to call home, and I would love to help you find the perfect place for you to call it as such!


East Van is home to all walks of life, and offers everything from luxurious to affordable and modern to collectables. East Vancouver houses vary in builds from spacious to quaint and single families to multi families. East Van is bordered to the north by the Burrard Inlet, with the Fraser River to the south, and the city of Burnaby to the east. In addition, the community of East Van is divided by Ontario Street on the West Side of Vancouver. Which spans quite a large area and giving people a variety of real estate buying options on every corner. I am here to help you make that happen.

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