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Hastings – Sunrise Condos

Hastings – Sunrise is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, and is located at the northeastern tip of the city

Hastings – Sunrise Condos For Sale in Vancouver, BC

About Hastings – Sunrise Condos

Hastings – Sunrise is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, and is located at the northeastern tip of the city. It is a community steeped in history and rich in culture, with ample shopping and dining to suit any taste, along with longstanding and emerging real estate offering great appeal.
Hastings has been a common historical name in Vancouver since settlers began coming here. From roadways to businesses, to a townsite location itself, the name Hastings has deep roots.
Legend has it, that the name ‘Hastings’ came from the Battle of Hastings in 1066, and was used here in Vancouver when Admiral George Fowler Hastings, from the Royal Navy, paid our emerging city a visit – and thus began the history of Hastings.
The area was actually known as “The Hastings Townsite” in 1869 when the Admiral arrived and declared it as such. This townsite offered one of the first communities with a road, post office, hotel, telephone and real estate opportunities, and the first ferry from the Burrard Inlet to Victoria was also courtesy of Hastings Townsite.
Vacationers use to come to Hastings also, as it was considered a ‘resort town’ with it’s ample beachfront, as well as the Hastings Park Racetrack was also a big pull, and the PNE was implemented to balance out wholesome family fun in 1910.
This area became inclusive of Vancouver as of 1911, and obviously remains as such today.

Shops and Restaurants

This district of Hastings – Sunrise has grown up along with the city. Although a large majority of it appears to be comprised of shops and restaurants, it is actually primarily residential.

Shops and restaurants run throughout East Hastings Street, Nanaimo Street, Broadway and Boundary, as well as Renfrew. But in and around those locations are many single-family homes, with new buildings and the remodeling of old ones constantly in progress.

Boasting an Eclectic Community

Once a blue collar neighbourhood mainly comprised of families and newly landed immigrants, Hastings – Sunrise now boasts of young professionals and creative kinds who find this eclectic community offers them inspirational surroundings with enough history and culture to make the area a choice location.

If you are looking for a community to live within Vancouver, Hastings – Sunrise might just be the right choice for you. Allow me to show you around and get you re-acquainted with a modern take on a historical piece of Vancouver property!

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