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Grandview Woodland Condos

A mature neighbourhood in Vancouver that is a vibrant mixture of commercial, industrial, single-family and multi-family residential with a rich ethnic history

Grandview Woodland Condos For Sale in Vancouver, BC

About Grandview Woodland Condos

Grandview, also often referred to as the joint community of Grandview–Woodlands, is a Vancouver neighbourhood east of the downtown core.

Legend has it that the name “Grandview” came from a homeowner in the area who hung a sign reading “Grand View” for it’s amazing view of the ocean and mountains …which still remains today.

The Grandview neighbourhood has long been recognized by the First Nations who originally dwelled within its borders, and utilized its shoreline. It became one of the first areas for industrial development in Vancouver, with a brewery being one of the first structures to be build, followed shortly by a sawmill – taking advantage of the thick forests and easy lumber in the area at the time. The Burrard Inlet is also an area for which many came in hopes of finding a Gold Rush – at a time when this was a popular notion, but the area was originally more well-known for the Canadian Pacific Railway that was built there around 1880. Grandview was a thickly wooded area, which was clear-cut for the construction of this Interurban train line, and upon it’s completion in 1891, ran from downtown Vancouver into New Westminster, bringing with it new communities along this route.

A truly historical area that has maintained its allure, Grandview is an ideal Vancouver location in which to purchase real estate, and I would love to help you locate a home that’s right for you!

Commercial Drive District

It offers both commercial and industrial-type single-family and multi-living developments, and is rich with ethnic history and cultural enterprise, boasting of notable features within its walls and the buildings that Grandview is comprised of. Grandview is likely best known for it’s piece along the Commercial Drive district, which is packed with retail shops boasting of local gems and ethnic goodies, as well as restaurants and the best Italian coffee and gelato one could hope to find.

Bustling Community

Grandview spreads out from the south of the Burrard Inlet, takes on a portion of Commercial Drive, and is not only a community – but also a major roadway that runs east-to-west via Vancouver.

West of Grandview is Clark Drive, and to its east is Nanaimo Street, making it a bustling community fueled by it’s surrounding neighbourhoods, industrial work yards and transportation via Hastings Street and First Avenue.

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East Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Today East Van is home to all walks of life, and offers everything from opulent to affordable, modern to remodeled, and spacious to quaint. East Vancouver is bordered to the north by the Burrard Inlet, with the Fraser River to the south, and the city of Burnaby to the east. In addition, the community of East Van is divided by Ontario Street on the West Side of Vancouver, spanning quite a large area and giving people a variety of real estate buying options on every corner.

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