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Commercial Drive Condos

A mixed residential-commercial area with a high proportion of ethnic and vegetarian restaurants, businesses, and public housing – with lower property prices than the rest of East Vancouver

Commercial Drive Condos For Sale in Vancouver, BC

About Commercial Drive Condos

Often referred to also as “The Drive”, Commercial Drive is a cultural haven worth visiting, even if for their coffee alone. Due to it’s “Little Italy” heritage, a flavourful cup of coffee can be found at a multitude of locations along The Drive, and will likely have you trading in your Starbucks card for the more local perks!

“THE DRIVE” Is a Cultural Haven

From hippies and hipsters, to families and foreigners, this eclectic section of Vancouver is steeped in history. As far back at the 1800’s, this section of land laid way for the logging community along the Burrard inlet at it’s northern most tip, and as business grew – so too did businesses along this thoroughfare.

As each world war passed, it brought more and more people to the shores of Vancouver, who made their way into this growing neighbourhood. A lot of those showing up were from Italy and Southern Europe, infusing culture within the aforementioned Little Italy-turned-Commercial Drive.

Commercial Drive runs north to south, and is bordered by Clark to the west and Nanaimo to the east, with the Burrard Inlet being as far north as you can travel. So it is a fair stretch of land, and spotted with niche shops and unique dining options.

Car-Free Vancouver Day on Commercial Drive

Many of the things to do on Commercial Drive revolve around eating, it’s true, but there is also a bohemian feel to this culturally clad roadway. Beaded curtains, fragrant incense, hand-carvings and bongo drums are available in shops from different parts of the globe, equally balanced by eateries offering locally grown food and locally made textiles for those who pride themselves in buying local.

The farmer’s market is a citywide attraction that runs on Saturday’s from May into October, and is a local must. As well, there is a classic theatre space at the north end playing a variety of budget flicks, and restaurants to suit any taste – from vegan to Mexican to Italian to Caribbean …and more.

Commercial Drive is chalk-a-block with things to do. Whether sipping on your favourite local hot brew, or seated with a refreshing micro-brew from a local distillery, the diversity is plentiful.

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East Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Today East Van is home to all walks of life, and offers everything from opulent to affordable, modern to remodeled, and spacious to quaint. East Vancouver is bordered to the north by the Burrard Inlet, with the Fraser River to the south, and the city of Burnaby to the east. In addition, the community of East Van is divided by Ontario Street on the West Side of Vancouver, spanning quite a large area and giving people a variety of real estate buying options on every corner.

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