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A community bustling with LGBT pride, this area draws in people from all walks of life


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Davie Street, also known as Davie Village or the Davie District, is a proud West End neighbourhood within downtown Vancouver. Offering a thriving gay subculture, also referred to as the “gaybourhood”, or the “gay village”.

This particular Davie Street district runs between Burrard and Jervis, and is named in honour of A.E.B. Davie – the 8th Premier of BC from 1887-1889. It wasn’t until 1999 that the Davie Street Business Association began to call this area “Davie Village”, with a namesake banner being commissioned by local artist Joe Average, adorning the lampposts along Davie Street. 

This dual-sided banner is proudly painted with a rainbow flag and a sun design, and business owners and residents alike often fly symbols of the rainbow pride flag as well. In addition, and not to be missed, is the rainbow crosswalks as well as the bright pink garbage cans and benches. Giving added flare to an area filled with flamboyant celebration.

So whether driving in from out of town, walking over from your local downtown residence, or taking public transit from any number of outlying areas, Davie Street is completely accessible with ample parking. So make a day of it, and enjoy all that this community has to offer for everyone!

The Davie Street Dining Experience

Within the core district of Davie Street, you will find a plethora of shops, services, hotels and restaurants as well, and by no means do they only serve the gay community. Although it’s a community bustling with pride, this area draws in people from all walks of life who also value and respect what Davie Street has to offer. Great food, fabulous shops, and amazing people!

An example of on of Davie Street’s popular restaurants, is Stephos – a Greek restaurant that is hard to miss with lineups often seen out the door. It is a Greek restaurant that people travel far and wide to come to. Delicious and plentiful in portions, it’s a must Davie Street dining experience.

Events & Celebrations

Perhaps most well known for it’s national media coverage, is Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium. A gay and lesbian bookstore that has garnered quite the reputation with Canada Customs …a story unto itself.

Davie Day is another celebration hosted in September of each year, giving pride to local businesses and the community at large. Its aim is to build awareness, promote local business, and runs between Burrard Street and Jervis annually.

Throughout the year, The Village hosts a multitude of events, which include the Davie Street Pride Festival, a festival that also runs alongside the Gay Pride Parade hosted by The City of Vancouver. It gathers thousands each year, and has captured both a worldwide audience in addition to attendees.

Clearly, there is no end to the bragging rights of Davie Street, so if you are looking for a home in the core of Vancouver – considering this location is well worth your time. Allow me to take you on a tour, and show you why I am so proud to call this community home!


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Downtown Vancouver offers a wide range residential communities, with borders that include the esteemed Burrard Inlet to the north, up-and-comer False Creek and the prestigious Yaletown and Beach District to the south, historic Gastown, Crosstown and eclectic Chinatown to the east, as well as well- known West End, stunning Stanley Park and affluent Coal Harbour to the west. All of which means you have plenty of properties to choose from if you are considering calling Downtown Vancouver home.

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