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I don’t know if any other city would approve a chandelier to be hung beneath a city bridge


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I don’t know if any other city that would approve a chandelier to be hung beneath a city bridge, declaring it an “art project”, but that is exactly what Vancouver has done. At least, that is what is projected for 2017 under the Granville Bridge …a spinning chandelier! Personally, I think it is a fantastic way to announce your arrival at Vancouver’s Beach District – a chandelier hanging overhead. It’s both quirky and cutting edge …just like the community it’s hung within.

Beach Avenue has recently made a very special name for itself within the architectural community. With so many buildings to work with, and such a brilliant view to be had outside these buildings, every architectural team around has wanted to get their crafty hands on a piece of the Beach district. And then one did… 

Before all the hubbub, Beach Avenue was part of a 1970’s Vancouver city revamp thanks to Mayor Art Phillips, who had the foresight to gather architects and plan out the lay of the land that set the scene for the Vancouver skyline. False Creek was the first area addresses, after which Granville Island quickly took centre stage as a food, art and theatre district. Soon followed by Concord Pacific’s part in the developments around Expo 86.

The rest is history, as they say, and what we see now within downtown Vancouver and the surrounding area, is largely thanks to the beginning efforts made by Mayor Phillips. Regardless of which area is your favourite community within Vancouver, the Beach District is definitely worth a walk. And although you will have to wait for the spinning chandelier until 2017, the “twisted tower” exhibit can be viewed until May 18th, 2016 at 1460 Howe Street. Enjoy!

New Scene for Vancouver Skyline

Perhaps the most notable project for Beach District Condos to have risen above them all is the “twisted tower” by Vancouver House – a Danish architectural firm.  Named the “Future Project of the Year 2015” at the World Architectural Festival thanks to this project. This award winning tower will sit at the base, adjacent to Vancouver’s Granville Bridge, and is greatly anticipated by many-a-Vancouverite, as this far reaching condo will set a new scene for the skyline of Vancouver.

Spectacular Vancouver -Style Events

In addition to this towering new addition, is the village that draws crowds no matter the day of the week or season of the year. From rental buildings, to office space, to retail outlets, the urban village of Beach Avenue will make it’s presence known at the strike of 9 o’clock each evening as of 2017, when the chandelier slotted to arrive beneath Granville Bridge, will spin its way down towards the street, wowing any given audience on any given night, making for a spectacular Vancouver-style event.

Clearly, there is no end to the bragging rights of Beach District, so if you are looking for a home in the core of Vancouver – considering Beach District Condos well worth your time. Allow me to take you on a tour, and show you why I am so proud to call this community home!


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Downtown Vancouver offers a wide range residential communities, with borders that include the esteemed Burrard Inlet to the north, up-and-comer False Creek and the prestigious Yaletown and Beach District to the south, historic Gastown, Crosstown and eclectic Chinatown to the east, as well as well- known West End, stunning Stanley Park and affluent Coal Harbour to the west. All of which means you have plenty of properties to choose from if you are considering calling Downtown Vancouver home.

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